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So, the computer running this web page, which is named Spark, was offline for a considerable time. I'll now explain what happened. The most important part of this explanation is that I'll use it to tell the subscribers that there's a new post, so that they are alerted that it's all working again.

Note that I wrote two more posts while Spark was offline and the one just before was on it a few hours before it went down; you will probably want to read them as well. Links are on the right side.

So what happened? I'm not entirely sure. Shortly after I posted the update, I started a system upgrade on Spark. That was not a very smart move: Debian is very stable, and my old system would have had no problem running until I got back in August. But I'm not very patient, and I thought it should be fine. Well, it wasn't.

And the real bad news was, that all this happened just before my father went on a holiday. And Spark is in his house, so while he was not there, I couldn't ask him to reboot it for me.

When he got back, I did ask him, but the problem was slightly more persitent than that. So I asked my friend Mark to come and let me use his computer remotely to fix things. He did this today, and as you can see, it worked. All hail Mark!

Spark's problems are also the reason you may have had some e-mail bounces from me. If I didn't respond to something, please resend it. Normally e-mails will just be delayed when something like this happens, but in this case Spark was offline for so long that they stopped trying.

Finally, I think I should publish my street address here. I'm not asking you to send my paper mail, and you shouldn't expect me to send you any, but I know there are some people who like to send postcards, so I want to give you the option.

My address is:

2101 Woodmar Drive, apartment H
Michigan, 49931-1018
United States of America



Friday February 16 2018 17:09:40


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