Today I went to the shop, and I thought to be smart, which resulted in a nice story for you.

To make the line of events more clear, I made an image of the path I took.

Marker 1 is at my house. Marker 3 is the shop. The green path is the way I normally take to get there. I also did that this time. But I don't like the place at marker 2: it's the lowest point of my route, so when I'm there I always have to go up. So I thought I might be able to avoid it. I looked at openstreetmap and decided to take the blue (dashed) road back.

Now you will notice that the dashed road doesn't look like the shortest way at all. That makes sense if you look at the map. It also makes sense if you look at Google's map. Only the satellite images show the road that is the actual shortest way.

For your amusement, I present here the thoughts I had while at the positions marked on the map.

  1. Now I should briefly go in the wrong direction to get to the road.
  2. I think I should have seen that dashed path by now; perhaps this is it.
  3. This seems to be a dead end. I'll try that way.
  4. Is this even a road?
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right way, but the view is nice!
  6. Oh look, I could have reached this place a lot more easily...

All in all, it was a nice trip. Perhaps not perfect with about 10 kg of groceries on my back. Then again, the entire way was pretty flat (for Houghton standards), so my goal of avoiding the climb after marker 2 was reached.



Friday February 16 2018 17:09:48


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