Good news


Health insurance

Another change in the health care situation, and a good one this time: the Dutch authoraties have agreed that I can remain insured by a Dutch insurance company during my stay. They will send the form which I have to show to the company and to the Americans soon. Once I have it, I can book a flight.

What to do now?

So I now have a few weeks until I leave. What do I do? I'm mostly busy getting rid of all the things in my house. But that's mostly done now. For the rest, I'm reading the PhD thesis of a friend, which is about solar cells, so it's a good preparation. And I'm writing some computer programs. I was trying to build some experiments for improvements to my 3D printer, but I've already moved out most of my tools, so that didn't really work.


In the meantime, I'm trying to get an apartment at the university. I had registered for it some time ago, and yesterday I saw an e-mail, sent three days ago, saying they had an apartment for me, but I had to respond within 48 hours in order to get it. So I was just in time reading that. Then I read the contract, which said I had to be there to pick up the keys on the first day I rented it. Which was April 5, the day I read the message. So I phoned them to ask what to do. They said they'd let me know what I should do, so I waited. Then I received an e-mail from them today, saying I should accept the apartment (and I presume the contract will be ignored). So I tried doing that, but the website no longer allows me to. Now I've told them that, and I'm waiting for a reply. I'm sure it will be fine.


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